Time is one of the most interesting concepts we can explore. Arriving at a new year always make us think of time. How is it imagespossible that a new year has started? What happened to the past year? For those of my generation we ask what has happened to the last decade? And when we reflect we may look back and wonder what happened to the last fifty years.

Where did the time go? Did we use it wisely? How much time do we have left? Will we accomplish all that we  set out to accomplish in our youth? Will anyone notice if we do or don’t? Will it really matter if we leave this planet with  “things left undone?”

We  each have personal answers to these questions but in the end  it is all about time and  the true nature of reality. In deep space it is believed that time does not exist. How can this be? Does that mean there is no beginning, middle or end to the life of the universe? Does it mean that there is only an always existing present that contains both past and future within it in a way incomprehensible to human perception?

We may never know the answers to these questions, but part of being human is the  capacity to wonder and to analyze the possibilities. I personally believe that  we live in an infinite universe with no beginning and no end.  Every  possible future co exists with every other possible future.  Infinite futures are beyond comprehension. Every act you make creates an alternative universe and an alternative future. With infinity the differences between universes can be as minute as you showing up in one universe at  1 pm sharp for your wedding and at 1.01 pm in an alternative universe. Would that one minute difference change the future of your marriage? Probably not, but who knows for certain. And of course there are situations where the difference of a single second can be the difference  between  life and death.

It is all about timing. My timing in this life has been blessed. May your timing also be blessed. Whatever you believe, this is truly the time of your life. There is no other time.



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2 Responses to “Time”

  1. CJ Schepers says:

    At fifty-five, I’m asking these questions ALL the time (past, present, future)!

  2. Nick Keefe says:

    Bill, I enjoyed your thoughts about time. One of the payoffs for living a long time, as we have (increasingly!) is, one hopes, perspective. Life is short. It’s going to end. We have no agency to change the past. Loving others, supporting them, lifting them up is a very practical solution to the problem of being conscious in an indifferent-seeming universe. In a quotidian way, my focus is more and more on the present moment, on being awake for the full experience of being alive. Which turns out to be quite pleasurable and meaningful, moment by moment. Problems, tragedies, disease, disability and death are inevitable and maybe just around the corner. But don’t let these possible futures — as you point out, there are infinite possibilities both in this universe and maybe others — deprive us of enjoying life and the people and world around us. I’m learning that while pain is unavoidable, suffering is, to a large extent, a choice, something over which we can have some control. Life is good.

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